Winter Storm Alert Wakes Henry County Residents Early

Written by Theresa Rose on February 25, 2015

Henry County residents were awakened bright and early this morning by an automated call alerting them to the upcoming winter storm. But for many it was too early. This was the first real opportunity to see how well Henry County’s new alert system works. Apparently it works pretty well which according to Emergency Management coordinator Walt Jackson was good and bad news. The National Weather Service pushed thru the winter storm alert but Jackson said he has now applied a filter that will allow emergency alerts to go thru like tornado warnings but hold the other announcements and not allow those to go thru between 10 pm and 6 am. Folks with land lines received two phone calls because phone numbers from the phone book were uploaded twice. Jackson said that glitch has also been fixed. Jackson appreciates everyone’s patience. He said it’s a good thing this happened during a non-emergency, allowing him to discover and work out the bugs. Also, if you did not sign up for the call but received one anyway…..that is because the local phone book was automatically uploaded with land line numbers. If you haven’t signed up but want the alerts to come by text or email or to your cell phone then find the emergency management tab on the Henry County website and look for the appropriate link. Anyone with questions or concern may contact Walt Jackson at 385-1479.