Utilities Trustees Meet

Written by Theresa Rose on May 20, 2015

The Mt. Pleasant Utilities Board of Trustees met Tuesday in regular session. Treasurer Randy Neff reported that the Utilities gross receipts for April were $1,104,978.14. $943,251 of that was from the Electric Fund.
The board approved the salaries for the six non-union Utilities employees upon the recommendation of Utilities Manager Jack Hedgecock. The increases were in-line with the union wage increases.
Hedgecock update the trustees on the Adams Street Substation transformer replacement project. Hedgecock and utilities employees were able to go to the plant were the new transformer is being built for an inspection. Delivery of the unit to Mt. Pleasant is expected June 2. Hedgecock warned the board that the delivery and installation as well as the removal of the old transformer will be tricky due to its location in the Adam’s Street facility. This all will add about $40,000 to the project. The Utilities will be responsible for half the cost. The new transformer should be in service by June 12. During installation the load will be re-distributed and hopefully any possible power outages will be avoided.
The trustees also received an update on the electric rate study project. Hedgecock and Neff are working to modernize and simplify the current electric rate structure so that it more accurately reflects customer useage and yet remain revenue neutral.