Written by John Kuhens on April 10, 2015

The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union and Iowa High School Athletic Association has announced the teams that will be competing in the state qualifying meet at Mt. Pleasant on May 14th………Clear Creek Amana, Davenport Assumption, Fairfield, Fort Madison, Keokuk, Solon, and Washington.

The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union and Iowa High School Athletic Association have announced three changes for the 2015 cross country season. They have increased the number of state-meet individual qualifiers. If an individual finishes in the top 15 at one of the five state-qualifying meet sites, he/she will advance to state. This is an increase from the top 10 finishers as in past years. In the past, prior to the fourth Monday in September, boys’ sub-varsity races were allowed to be shortened to 2 miles. With the girls now running 5,000 meters, a new policy has been implemented for both genders. The policy now reads, “For the first four weeks of competition, sub-varsity races may be shortened to 4,000 meters. However, a common finish line is required for all sub-varsity and varsity races. Starting the Monday of the fifth week of competition, all competitors must run 5,000 meters.”This policy gives host schools the option of running a shorter race at the sub-varsity level; it’s not mandatory. The last change approved is in regards to practicing on the state qualifying meet courses. The new policy reads, “Once the state-qualifying meet team assignments have been posted, the state-qualifying meet site is closed. No team or individual is permitted to practice or be on the state-qualifying meet course except for a school that uses the course for its regular practice and any school competing in a regular season meet held there after the release of the team assignments until noon on the day of the state qualifying meet. Violation of this rule will result in the school not being allowed to compete in the state qualifying meet.”