This Week’s MP Street Work Update

Written by Theresa Rose on April 22, 2019

Four Seasons Excavating has Bergdahl Ct. pavement removed, grade excavated, subdrain installed and base rock placed on all but 100’ +- in the West Hill Ave intersection area. All homeowners are able to access their driveways. First thing Monday Four Seasons will be finishing the removals, grading, subdrain and subbase rock placement on Bergdahl Ct.

Warner Engineering will be working on placing remaining grade hubs and Jones Contracting will start setting up String Line. We will be paving full width on Bergdahl Ct. from King Drive on the East side around to just short of 805 Bergdahl Ct. We were going to pave half width but there will only be 3 additional homes out for the time of trimming and paving to pave full width. So by doing this the project will be completed much faster. The plan right now is to pave Wednesday April 24th or Thursday April 25th.  We will not place anymore pavement on Bergdahl Ct. until the first phase is completed and all driveways poured back.

Four Seasons will start removing North Hayward Circle pavement, grading, install subdrain and place subbase rock in the same day. Everyone will be able to get into their driveways just like Bergdahl Ct. We will still only be able to pave the North Hayward Circle half width.

Once North Hayward Circle is completed Four Seasons will start removals on West Hill Ave. removing 200’ +- each day so as to get all pavement removed, graded, subdrain installed and subbase rock Placed. This will allow homeowners to access their driveways in the evenings. West Hill Ave. isn’t set up like Bergdahl Ct. so it will be paved half width as originally planned.

As we get closer to paving we will be talking with homeowners on where it’s best to park during the trimming and pavement placement. The plan is to keep homeowners parking as close to their homes as possible.


Municipal Pipe and Tool – Sanitary Sewer Lining

Monday April 22nd the crew will be set up on East Henry St. At Pine St. West to Lee St. they have two sections here to line and will take most of the day.

Tuesday April 23rd the crew will be set up on Harrison St. to Locust St. along the North side of Monroe St. if Natel gets a fiber relocated so Mt Pleasant Utilities can remove a PP and Hagerty Earthworks make a spot repair.

Wednesday April 24th the crew will be in the Alley S. of Monroe St. between S. Jackson St. & S. Jefferson St. So they will have equipment setting in Monroe St. and Washington St.

Thursday April 25th the crew will be set up again in Washington St. and Clay St. in the Alley S. of Washington St. between S. Jackson St. & S. Jefferson St.

Friday April 26th the crew will be working in the Alley North of Monroe St. between N. Jay St. & N. Hamlin St. this sewer line has several services so the crew will have a long day here also.

Hagerty Earthworks – Sanitary Sewer Point Repairs

Monday April 22nd the excavation crew will be working in the Alley South of Madison St. between N. Main St. & N. Jefferson St. behind the Harlan House on a point repair because of all the Utilities this will take 2 to 3 days. The crew will also work in the point repair on the North side of Monroe St. between Harrison St. & Locust St. as soon as Natel gets their fiber relocated and Mt Pleasant Utilities are able to pull the pole in the way.

Drish Construction & Jones Contracting Corp. – Jay St. Sewer Project

As far as paving this week on Jay St. between Monroe St. and Madison St. or Madison St. between N. Jay St. & N. Hamlin St…. that is pretty much on hold until Alliant Energy’s Subcontractor finishes the gas main relocation. Once this is done Mt Pleasant Utilities has tie-ins and services to install prior to any paving being done. Right now it’s looking like it will be the week of April 29th before any of the paving in this area will get started.

Drish Construction is planning on having all backfilling and fine grading completed by the first of May on everything disturbed South of Washington St. on the Jay St. Sewer Project. Then the seeder can come in and seed everything South of Washington St. weather permitting.