Scammer Identifies as Sheriff

Written by Theresa Rose on October 18, 2019

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office recently received a phone call from a subject who received a scam phone call.  The scammer stated that they were Sheriff Rich McNamee and that they had a warrant for their arrest.  They informed the subject that Sheriff’s Deputies were currently on the way to their house and began asking the subject for personal information to avoid being arrested.

We would like to remind all citizens that the Sheriff’s Office will not call you on the phone to discuss a warrant.  We also recommend that if you ever feel that a phone call is suspicious in nature, to never give out personal information.  If a citizen ever questions if they are speaking with an employee of the Sheriff’s Office, they can end the phone call and call the non emergent phone number (319-385-2712) directly to ensure they are indeed speaking with an employee of the Sheriff’s office.