Salem Parents Vote No Family Style Dining

Written by Theresa Rose on February 27, 2015

Salem School Parents met Thursday night. After hearing presentations on four possible programs, the parents were asked to vote on whether to move forward with the programs. The Mt. Pleasant School Board asked for a 70% show of support.
Family Style meals received 66% support. The district will not move forward with implementing a change in the school’s lunch program. This created the most questions at the meeting as parents voiced their concerns…concerns that mainly had to do with keeping the food from contamination. An elementary Spanish pilot program launched this school year and will continue next year as it received 90.5% support. Evidently, parents are interested in the possibility of a future farm school curriculum for Salem giving that 77.7% support. The district will also explore an International Baccalaureate program certificate program. That received 82.3% support. However, it wasn’t quite clear what that would look like and there were parents who either hadn’t heard about it before or didn’t quite understand what it was.