Ordinance Committee Meets

Written by Theresa Rose on May 28, 2015

An inquiry about allowing a mobile food vendor to do business around Mt. Pleasant created discussion at the City Council ordinance committee meeting Wednesday morning. Andrew MCCoid has a catering business and is looking into selling hotdogs from his push cart, moving it from place to place for three or four hours at a time. In several instances he would like to set up in parking lots. But the city’s ordinances regarding the use of parking lots doesn’t match some current uses in addition to parking. The committee recognizes food trucks and food stands are a current trend. The committee members aren’t opposed to having these in Mt. Pleasant but agreed the ordinance needs fixed so that these types of businesses could be allowed in the future. This discussion as followed by a similar conversation about a request to have food and alcoholic beverage service on city sidewalks in the downtown. Future changes to the sidewalks to meet ADA requirements won’t allow enough space. However, the ordinance would still like to look into ways to make sidewalk dining possible.
Mt. Police have received complaints about the music on Sunday mornings coming from a shed at the corner of Broad and North Adams. Evidently, there is a church service taking place. The members have been asked to keep it down but now the ordinance committee is questioning if the gathering is an organized church that falls under the city ordinance for church’s and if it meets zoning rules. This could be more of an issue than the noise level.
Building and Zoning Administrator Jack Swarm is concerned about some activities taking place in the city’s three residential motels. These places are considered transient lodging. There are no limits on length of occupancy but they are not meant to be permanent residents so things like cooking in the rooms is not allowed. And since the rooms aren’t sent up to handle that type of electrical load, Swarm is afraid the electrical services could be overloaded increasing the risk for fire. He was given permission to contact the owners about this.