Names Added to Veterans Memorial Marker

Written by Theresa Rose on May 18, 2015

Seventeen names have been added since last Memorial Day to the Veterans Memorial Marker on the Henry County Court House lawn. Those individuals and their families will be recognized at the Memorial Day Service May 25 at the Mt. Pleasant Middle School gym. These seventeen will bring the total names to 1,295 engraved on the marker.
These are the names that have been added:
Carl Byrum
Everett Dale Sempf
Virgil Riley
Edwin Fenton
Charles McWilliams
John Riley
Robert Sampson
William Carpenter, Sr.
Edwin Wibben
Elmer Keuhnle
Donald Schroeder
Richard Roach
Robert McClure
Jacob Iles
Ronald Septer
Myron Schmeiser
Roger McAllister