Mount Pleasant Central Business District Update

Written by Theresa Rose on June 13, 2019

Mike Nelson Concrete Paving is busy pouring the colored concrete between the back of the curb and main sidewalk today Thursday June 13th along Monroe St. They will then pour the colored concrete along back of curb on Main St. from Washington St. to Monroe St. finishing tomorrow Friday June 14th. Mike Nelson Concrete Paving will be busy Monday June 17th to Wednesday June 19th finishing intakes, sealing joints and colored concrete prior to the striping crew coming in Thursday June 20th  and Friday June 21st to stripe all of the parking stalls on Monroe St. and Main St.

On Friday June 21st after striping is completed the parking along the North side of Monroe St. & East side of Main St. will be opened to traffic.

On Monday June 24th weather permitting Mike Nelson Concrete Paving will start in the block on North Main St. North of Monroe St. to Madison St. removing the sidewalks adjacent to the buildings and pouring back the ADA Compliant 6’ wide sidewalks. During this time Kinney & Sons will be working with Local Businesses Plumbers to install drain lines to tie sump pump drains to the storm sewer piping.  Once the sidewalks are completed in this section by June 28th weather permitting.

On July 1st Kinney & Sons will close North Main St. Monroe St. to Madison St. to work on the underground drainage piping. They estimate this to take until Friday July 12th. While working on the piping and concrete removals between Monroe St. & Madison St. they will leave the Monroe St. & Madison St. crossings open East/ West. Once the underground piping is completed the crews will close the Monroe St. intersection and then Madison St. intersection to remove pavement, grade and place subbase rock for paving.