Jefferson Street Construction Update

Written by Anna Greiner on June 7, 2019

Kinney & Sons finished grading and placing subbase rock on the East side of South Jefferson St. to the End of the Radius on the North end of Corry Ct. They also got subbase rock placed on the connection to South St. Jones Contracting will start setting forms with plans to spend the week of June 10th to June 14th getting all the concrete poured on the East Lane of South Jefferson St. and the connection to South St.

The plan weather permitting is to by June 19th close South Jefferson St. to thru traffic from the North side of Corry Ct. to just South of Yocum Lane except for homeowners living in the Construction area. Traffic entering or exiting Mt Pleasant from the South on South Jefferson St. will be directed to use South St. to Main St. At this time all traffic off Corry Court will also exit South to South St. to Main St.

This Phase will take 3 to 4 weeks weather permitting to get pavement removed, clearing and grubbing of trees, grading, storm sewers and intakes installed, placement of subbase rock and be ready for paving. Hoping to be paving by mid July on this phase.