Hudsons, a.k.a. Katy Perry’s parents, in Mt. Pleasant

Written by Theresa Rose on March 20, 2015

The headline for this story might be Katy Perry’s parents come to Mt. Pleasant! And that would be true. Keith and Mary Hudson will be in Mt. Pleasant and they are the parents of the mega pop music star. Perry’s fans probably already know her parents are preachers. The couple will be in Mt. Pleasant as guests of the Faith Christian Outreach Church this Sunday. KILJ talked by phone with Keith before they left L.A. for Iowa. I asked him if he wanted to talk about his daughter. He said anything I wanted to know I could find on the internet. The Hudsons and their daughter don’t agree on a lot of things but they do see some of her concerts and were at the Super Bowl where she performed the half time show. Keith did say Katy used to sing in church until, in his words, “L.A. grabbed her.” Instead we talked about how he became a minister. Hudson says back in the 60’s in California he was a hippy who never read the Bible and never went to church. His wife Mary was a Berkley graduate. Hudson admitted it’s amazing he’s still alive. He said he thought LSD trips were the only heaven he would ever see. But one day someone gave him a Bible. He stuck it in his back pack and pulled it out on his way to Washington State to pick apples. He was 24. Hudson said he opened the Bible and hasn’t closed it since. For the last 40 some years Keith and Mary have traveled the world sharing their message. Keith especially likes to talk with young people about keeping their lives on track and staying off drugs. Everyone is invited to hear the Hudsons speak Sunday at Faith Christian Outreach Church at the 8:30, 10:30 and 7 pm services. Keith also told me to make sure I tell everyone that no,Katy won’t be there.