October 30 th , 1970 … 3:30 PM …

105.5 FM signed on as KILJ. The first programming sent out to southeast Iowa was local news…followed by music… and at 7:30 that night, it was a live broadcast of Mt. Pleasant Panther Football.
People couldn’t believe their ears…… news and sports as well as music on an FM station!!!

Frosty Mitchell and Robert Ray started KILJ… Paul and Joyce Dennison purchased the station in 1977.

KILJ-FM was one of the first in Iowa to use an AM station format on an FM frequency. Before that time it was “elevator” music only on FM’s.

KILJ played middle of the road music until the early 1980’s. Then KKSI-AM was acquired and given the call letters KILJ-AM.

That led to the birth of KJ Country… We were the first to play country music on the FM band in S.E. Iowa.
KILJ-AM took over the Memory Music format.

September 2004… KILJ shuffled the AM and FM formats once again… bringing a unique mixture of easy listening to the FM side… broader than the old “Memory Music” format… but still playing some of the same smooth style music… Now, 105.5FM is “The Smooth Sound of Southeast Iowa”… while KILJ AM 1130 became “ Southeast Iowa ‘s ONLY AM Country” station, taking the country music format back.

Both stations compliment the music with National, State and Local news… high school and college sports, Tom Churchilll’s weather forecasts, and grain and livestock markets.

Now you know our history… Stay tuned while we make more!