HCHC Board Report

Written by Theresa Rose on April 22, 2015

At the Henry County Health Center board of directors meeting Tuesday they voted to name the hospital training center after long time dedicated employee Danny Eversmeyer who recently passed away, the idea was presented to CEO Robb Gardner by Eversmeyer’s co-workers.
The recent hospital survey cited HCHC for 6 inadequacies that were minor and have bee acted upon. The board voted to partner with Great River Medical Center for Pathology testing, they have 3 pathologists on staff. They also will enter into an agreement with Health Enterprises Medical Lab for reference lab work. By Law revisions were appoved for the Hospital Auxillary which mostly dealt with life line and the gift shop. Gardner informed the board about a new electronic record system for the emergency room is being researched and will be brought to the board for action in May. Jodi Geerts CNO reported that interviews are scheduled for a new emergency department director. CFO Dave Muhs told the board the new budget is about prepared and that the hospital was on budget March and again in April. The state of Iowa IPERS program has informed state employers that there will be changes, hopefully within the next 30 days the state will let employers know details and financial responsibilities for the pension.