From the Utilities regarding lighting strike

Written by Theresa Rose on April 26, 2019

The Mt. Pleasant Municipal Utilities sustained significant damage to the Adams Substation last evening due to a large arc flash and possible lighting strike.

The arc flash destroyed the high voltage bushings on the roof of the control building and then jumped over to the lighting arrestors located on the station tower structure, which caused additional damage.

The generation plant sensed the outage condition and started automatically as designed. After the Utilities successfully synchronize the generation system with the Park Substation Buss, the town load was transferred over to the Park Substation.

In addition, MPMU is in the process of repairing a 12″ water main break at 235th Street located under Big Creek.

MPMU is working with Kinney & Sons to find the casing and main. Once the casing and main is found, the Utilities will be able formulate a repair plan.

MPMU would like to thank our customers for their continued patience and support. If you have any questions, please call o
at 319-385-2121.