From the Mount Pleasant City Council Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on June 13, 2019

According to a letter from the Henry County Fair Board to the Mount Pleasant City Council, the Fair Board prefers McMillan Park remain the property of the city.  The council received the letter at its regular meeting Wednesday night. The letter was in response to a proposal by Midwest Old Threshers that the park be deeded to Old Threshers. The fair board listed financial concerns if capital improvement costs are split between the fair and Old Threshers instead of a three way split that has always included the city. There is also a concern that the street thru McMillan could be closed or gated. The letter also stated that the Fair Board supports the Old Threshers vision for growth as well as the future growth and improvement of the fair and that the best most secure way for this to happen is to continue to collaborate with Midwest Old Threshers and the City. The fair board feels changes in ownership will affect the various events that take place thru out the year in the park.


Following a public hearing the city council passed the first reading of a proposed ordinance to rezone property at 103 S. Marion to allow for Multiple family dwellings.  The property was the site of a mobile home park and now owners Jim Kinney and Lyunn Richard would like to construct houses, duplexes and possibly tri plexes.


Building and Zoning Administrator Jack Swarm told the council he was contacted by an individual about the lack of rental space inside the city limits for a possible small pet vet clinic.  Currently, the clinics and pet boarding facilities are all located in the county. City ordinance says vet clinics are only allowed in B4 Hway Service commercial districts where there is a lack of small commercial buildings and vacant land is generally too big and very expensive.