From the Henry County Supervisors meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on July 11, 2018

The Henry County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday in regular session.  The board received the weekly update from County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss.  Hotchkiss expressed his appreciation for the assistance of the Henry County Sheriff’s office and the Department of Motor Vehicles during Monday’s detour operation on Hwy 218 south of Mt. Pleasant Monday.  The road closure involving the Skunk River bridge on Hwy 218 was part of a state DOT project but Henry County assisted with the detour planning and execution.

The supervisors approved a contract with Schumaker Elevator for maintenance and repair of the Court House elevator.  For a cost of $10,460 for materials and labor the elevator will be updated in order to be in compliance as required by law by May 1, 2020.

Henry County Conservation Director John Pullis shared his monthly update with the supervisors.  The Conservation Board recently met and received a very preliminary cost estimate on moving Water Works campground to high ground.  $670,000 created some sticker shock for both boards but Pullis said there are some ways to save money on the project and it can be done in phases.  But no decision has been made on moving forward.

The jail and law center construction project manager John Hansen provided an update for the supervisors.  The board needed to approve three change orders for construction of the metal building that will be used as the on-site office and storage building for the project. The change order amounts are for electrical, heating and cooling and excavating work and total $26,610.  There contingency funds set aside to cover changes. The building will then be converted to storage for the law center. Hansen said everyone is moving along and they are maintaining the work schedule.

Henry County resident Steve Peiffer previously contacted the Board of Supervisors about a Freedom Rock for Henry County.  He brought it to the board’s attention that Henry County is the only county in Iowa that has not commissioned artist Bubba Sorenson to paint a rock as a memorial to veterans. Peiffer was at the supervisors’ meeting Tuesday to discuss the possibility.  There is a cost of $5,000 plus the cost of paint and the cost of the painter’s lodging while he does the work. Then there are the costs involved with possibility purchasing a large rock and moving it to a site. The supervisors had some questions about where the money goes and there was discussion of the possibility of organizations raising funds for the project.