From the Henry County Supervisors Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on February 12, 2019

During their Tuesday meeting the Henry County Supervisors approved issuance of several thousand dollars in general obligation capital loan notes for county projects. Notes not to exceed $250, 000 were approved for renovation of the current law center for future office space, $40,000 to remodel the County Recorder’s office, $400,000 for purchase of new computer equipment and software, $150,000 for improvements to the Secondary Road Department Maintenance Building and $60,000 for two new cars for the Sheriff’s office.

Henry County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss told the supervisors during his Tuesday update that his crews have been fighting ice on the county gravel roads.  They used blades today to get push off some of the material created by rain and sleet.  In some spots they are using v picks to create traction where there is still ice. Hotchkiss asks for patience as they continue to deal with road conditions. He did say the paved roads are cleaning up easier.