Conservation Department Update

Written by Theresa Rose on February 12, 2019

Tuesday morning Henry County Conservation Department director John Pullis gave the Henry County Supervisors a monthly update.  Pullis said work continues on the inside of the new cabins at the Oakland Mills Park.  The fee for a night’s stay will be $125.  The per night stay in the old cabins has been changed from two different seasonal rates to a flat $75 rate per night.  The 2019 At the Park calendar is set and the staff is working on the summer camp schedule.  Online registration begins April 1.  School kids will get a postcard letting families know when they can sign-up.

Pullis said two different AmeriCorp volunteers will work with his department one will be part-time this summer and the other will be there from the Fall of 2019 to the Fall of 2020.  And….the conservation board approved a request from a local family to have a memorial constructed in the park in memory of a loved one who passed away.  The family approved Pullis’ suggestion to build a small shelter house outside the Nature Center.