Architect Hired for Pickle Ball Court Project

Written by Theresa Rose on April 23, 2019

The Mt. Pleasant pickle ball courts construction project is moving forward.  Monday night the school board approved a contract for court design services with Shive Hattery Architecture and Engineering.  A community group has been working on the fundraising for the courts but for legal reasons the school district must be involved.  The funds are sent thru the district’s school foundation.  The district will then receive the money from the foundation to pay for the project.  The courts are also being built on school district property. The courts will be built on the grassy space north of the middle school.  The first plan was to remove the old tennis courts on the west end of the space and replace with the pickleball courts but the soil tests didn’t support that location so the build has been moved to the east end.  The tennis courts will still be removed.  Carl Braun has already demo’d the fencing as an in kind donation.  Braun has also taken down the old ball diamond back stop on the northeast corner of the lot.