Another Mount Pleasant Street Project Begins

Written by Theresa Rose on April 15, 2019

Monday April 15th Four Seasons Excavating will start removals on the East Leg of Bergdahl Court at King Drive. If anyone has any Handicaps or Special needs please contact Bob at 641-919-0137 or City Hall at 385-1470.

We have worked with the Post Office to get a Location at 903 King Drive the Community Play Ground as the location to set up temporary mailboxes for your mail delivery. The Post Office wants us to move Bergdahl Court, West Hill Avenue and North Hayward Circle’s mail boxes to the Temporary spot. The Contractor has these boxes all set up today April 12th and on Monday all mail will start getting delivered to the 903 King Drive Address. Please have all mail removed from your current boxes by Monday morning April 15th as we will be pulling the old mailboxes. All existing mailboxes will be stored in one central location and stored until construction is complete and then will be installed back to the current location.

We will work with the City to get your garbage picked up.

The Contractor will start by removing about 200’ of pavement,  grade, install subdrain and place subbase. The plan is to have the road in shape in the evenings to get people back into their driveways. We ask that no cars be parked on the streets in the area of construction. All vehicles need to be placed in your driveways.

There will be times throughout the day you might not be able to get back into your driveway as we are working past your house. But in the evenings you will except for during the paving operation. At the time crews put string line up, trim and then pave you will be out of your driveway until the pavement reaches maturity. Probably looking at 5 to 7 days.

We will have Bergdahl Court graded and subbase placed prior to moving to West Hill Avenue and North Hayward Circle.