A statement from MPEA (Mt. Pleasant Education Association) in regards to the upcoming June 30th vote.

Written by Theresa Rose on June 1, 2015

On June 30, 2015 the Mount Pleasant Community School District will ask voters to bond our sales tax for miscellaneous District projects. In the past twelve months teachers have voiced concern over the direction of our school district. Going so far as to have a “No Confidence” vote at a 98% disapproval, teachers have clearly stated concerns in the decision making process of Superintendent Wells and the MPCSD Board.

In September, the community responded with an overwhelming defeat of the school bond issue. Again, a “No Confidence” message was sent by the community to district leadership. In that time, three board members have resigned. Numerous questions regarding finances and hiring practices have been brought to light. Our confidence in the leadership is not only shaken but eroded.

Now, a Sales Tax initiative has been set for election. This initiative contains many of the same ideas of the original bond issue. In September, this community said “Not now. Not with this leadership.” It is difficult to deny our children simple comforts like air conditioning – however, we must right now. These comforts are tied to other initiatives and expenses that are counter-intuitive and would financially strap our district until 2030. We want our students to have the very best, but we also want to sustain that effort far into our future.

Superintendent Wells is actively pursuing other jobs. Our school board is currently undergoing a great undertaking and internal upheaval. These monies will be spent by individuals who will not have to deal with the long term effects of their decisions. We will be here. We have teachers who have been in this district for 20-30 years. We are community members, tax payers, friends, family and we are charged with the most important task: preparing our youth for the future.

In the past few month several support staff (janitorial and secretarial) have been dismissed from the school district. It is shameful what has happened to these friends, community members, and tax payers. Instead of scaling back or putting effort into re-structuring, District leadership has decided to outsource our janitorial service to a Nebraska company with a federal income tax evasion conviction in their past. These are the types of decisions that give pause and continue to underscore the lack of confidence we have.

“Not now. Not with this leadership.”