A Massachusetts man working in Mount Pleasant won a $100,000 lottery prize.

Written by Theresa Rose on May 21, 2015

Richard ‘Rick’ Merrill of Abington, Mass. claimed the fourth of sixth top prizes of $100,000 available in the Iowa Lottery’s “Cash Frenzy” scratch game.

Merrill said he was hired by Innovairre in Mount Pleasant to fix some printing equipment last week. During a break for lunch on May 12, Merrill stopped at Hy-Vee, 1700 E. Washington St. in Mount Pleasant and purchased a lottery ticket that ended up winning a big prize.

He said he saw that he’d won $100,000 and went over to the customer service counter to confirm his winnings.

“There were three women behind the counter – they all got excited,” Merrill told lottery employees later the same day as he claimed his prize at the lottery’s regional office in Cedar Rapids. “The woman behind the counter that scanned my ticket goes, ‘I’m sorry but I have to do this.’ And she puts her hands over her head and goes, ‘Woo-hoo!’ and dances around in a circle.”

Merrill is no stranger to winning big lottery prizes. He said he’s won $10,000 twice several years ago on scratch tickets he purchased back home.

He said he only told one person about his most recent lottery win, but word traveled quickly.

“I told one guy that I’m working with and the next thing you know everybody in the plant is like, ‘Hey, are you the one that won the money?’” Merrill said.

Merrill travels all over the country for this job. He said his lottery winnings will be put toward a new roof and other improvements to his home. He also said he plans to put some of his winnings toward an upcoming vacation to Maine.

Cash Frenzy is a $10 scratch game. Players match numbers to win prizes. If they match any of “Your Numbers” to any “Winning Number,” they win the prize shown. If they uncover a “2X” game symbol, they win double the prize shown, and if they uncover a “3X” game symbol, they win triple the prize shown. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are 1 in 2.97.

Two top prizes of $100,000 are still up for grabs in Cash Frenzy, as well as three prizes of $10,000, 108 prizes of $1,000 and hundreds of prizes of $300 and $100.

Since the lottery’s start in 1985, its players have won more than $3.4 billion in prizes while the lottery has raised more than $1.6 billion for the state programs that benefit all Iowans.

Today, lottery proceeds in Iowa have three main purposes: They provide support for veterans, help for a variety of significant projects through the state General Fund, and backing for the Vision Iowa program, which was implemented to create tourism destinations and community attractions in the state and build and repair schools.