“Why I like Hy-Vee” Contest Winners!

Written by Theresa Rose on May 28, 2019

Why I like Hy-Vee


Third Place…

First of all – the people are great!  For instance John & Kathy Ita (and at least 9 of their kids worked there).  Then Kay Morrow, Jim, Ron, Rhonda, and all the rest!  All great people!

Second – great food, decent prices, nice selection.

But most of all, going to Hy-Vee to give Willie Amos a bunch of crap is the highlight of the day.  “Paging Willie to aisle 23” is my favorite. Then waiting for him to wheel around the store to find me.

He’s such a good guy!

Ron Clouse


Second Place…

I love Hy-Vee for many reasons. First, and foremost is the pharmacy department, we have a lot of prescriptions filled each month and they have never failed to have them ready, or go out of their way to get them ready, even if it’s my fault for forgetting to order, and they do it with a smile and never make me feel like I’m putting them out. We find ourselves at Hy-Vee multiple times a week or DAY sometimes we love the selection including the health market, deli, bakery, meat counter, floral, buffet and kitchen. From one end to the other I feel welcomed and helped. Their sales and fuel savers help our family save money so we can use it where we need to, usually taking care of our children’s medical costs. I love not standing in line waiting to checkout, if there are more than 3 people at a resister they open another lane, as it should be. They bag my groceries and put them in the cart. These things may not seem like much, but for a mom with too many thoughts running through her brain it’s a huge deal. Have to say it again I Love Hy-Vee.

Olan Salzer


First Place…

Why I love my Mt Pleasant Hy-Vee…. let me count the ways… convenient, gas discounts, weekly sales, helpful, I know a lot of local people who work there, lots of smiles, if wrong they correct it, one stop for meds, lunch, flowers, & groceries, great meat counter, clean store, great place for kids to get a start in the work force, bakery, etc. The list goes on & on. Hy-Vee is a big asset to our community & without we would be at a great loss. Thanks for all you do for us & our community!

Florence Smith