West Burlington Chase Not Related to SCC Threat

Written by Theresa Rose on February 24, 2015

Monday afternoon West Burlington Police chased a man from Southeastern Community College to Westland Mall after receiving a report that the man had a gun in a back pack. Treyvon McKinzie was finally arrested after the pursuit that went from the school, across Hwy 34 and Gear Avenue and thru the mall. But McKinzie didn’t have a gun. He said he ran because he thought officers wanted to arrest him for a fight he was involved in. And….no guns were found at SCC. That information was based on several third hand stories that became exaggerated. Alert messages went out Monday afternoon after a teacher reported he heard two students had guns in their backpacks. The community college has been on alert since one of its teachers received a death threat. Officials do not believe the two incidents are related. Students and staff have been asked to continue to be aware of and report any unusual behavior.