Wayland City Council Meeting 7:30 Tonight (Wednesday)

Written by Theresa Rose on June 17, 2015

1. Roll Call

2. Public Hearing – 7:30 P.M. – “Public Hearing on Amendment to the Urban Revitalization Plan for the Wayland Revitalization Area”

3. Consent Agenda
Note: These are routine items and will be enacted by one motion without separate discussion unless a Council member requests an item be removed for separate consideration.
a. Minutes of June 3, 2015
b. Bills for Payment
4. Citizen Forum
The Mayor and City Council welcome comments from the public for items not listed on the agenda. You are asked to state your name and address for the record and to limit your remarks in order that others may be given the opportunity to speak. The Order of Business is at the discretion of the Chair. No action will be taken.

5. Unfinished Business
a. Main Street Building Acquisition (Manning Building)
b. Revised Quote to Enclose West Park Upper Shelter House – Use for City Storage

6. New Business
a. Proposal to Paint Exterior of Water Tower
b. Nomination to Board of Adjustment – Mike Bailey
c. Res. #2015-13 “A Resolution Authorizing Wages and Benefits for City Employees for the Fiscal Year of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016”
d. Res. #2015-14 “Resolution to Transfer Funds” (FYE transfers)
e. Res. #2015-15 “Allows Free Natural Gas Installation”
f. Res. #2015-16 “Allows Free Water Installation”
g. Res. #2015-17 “Resolution adopting the 2015 Amendment to the Plan for the Wayland Urban Revitalization Area”
h. Alley Traffic Concerns – E/W Alley between Neff St and Hwy 78)

7. Building Permits – Approved
-Carrie Bausch – Reroof house at 301 W 2nd St.
-Pusey Dental – Reroof office building at 209 W 2nd St
-Larry Gugel – Reroof house at 205 W 2nd St
-Dan Sheets –4’ extension to existing 24’x24’x8’frame garage at 415 W Front St
-Keith Walters – Reroof front porch at 402 E Railroad St.
8. Adjournment