Utilities Still Looking at Fireworks as Cause of Outage

Written by Theresa Rose on July 7, 2016

As a result of our initial investigation of the recent electric outage event that transpired on Monday night, we believe that the primary cause of the outage was due to a large line fault that occurred on the 69,000 volt transmission feeder located at the end of Hoaglin Drive. Based on eye witness accounts from around the area, it appears that the large line fault likely was started as a result of fireworks being set off adjacent to the power line.


This particular transmission line segment which is owned by Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative, serves our Park Substation located near the intersection of Hoaglin Drive and Yocum Lane. The Park Substation provides electric service to the southern half of our community and is a critical part of our city electric distribution system.


The initial outage started at approximately 9:57 p.m. when our protective relays located in the Park Substation detected the large electrical fault on the NEMO 69,000 volt transmission line. As a result, the feeder breakers located in the Park Substation opened up and isolated our system from the fault condition on the NEMO transmission feeder. The NEMO protective breakers also opened up to clear the fault condition and after a short time delay cycle, closed back in to restore transmission service to the system.


To ensure that a possible safety condition didn’t exist (i.e. – car accident, electric contact, system damage, etc.), we dispatched our emergency standby employee to patrol the system prior to closing in our distribution breakers located in the Park Substation.


After reviewing the system for any anomalies or unsafe conditions, we closed in the distribution breakers and power was restored to the city distribution system at approximately 10:35 p.m.


We intend to follow-up with NEMO representatives and our local police department further to help determine the source of the electrical fault condition.