Utilities Board Meets

Written by Theresa Rose on January 21, 2015

The Mt. Pleasant Utilities Board of Trustees met in regular session Tuesday. Utilities manager Jack Hedgecock updated the trustees on several ongoing projects. The Adams Street substation replacement is in phase two. An installation date of May 29 is still on track.
The purchase of property for a future substation is final. One acre located north of the Crossroads RV Park was purchased from Jeff Krug. It’s anticipated that a substation will eventually be needed at this site to serve the southeast corner of the utilities electric distribution system.
Hedgecock is taking bids on water tower repair and maintenance work. Water tower B inner coating is starting to fail. It needs drained, blasted, possibly some welding, primed and coated. Hedgecock budgeted $100,000 but quotes received so far indicate the project will cost more. The trustees gave him permission to go over the budgeted amount but not to exceed $110,000. The tower will be empty for two to three weeks while the work is done.
Travelers on certain Mt. Pleasant streets after dark may notice those streets have better lighting. The Utilities is in year two of a five year plan to replace 650 hi pressure sodium street lights to hi quality LED lights. The new lights are 150 watts compared to the old lights that put out 100 watts.
The Utilities water crew took advantage of nice weather conditions Monday and Tuesday to fix a water main leak on Mapleaf Drive. The problem was discovered during a recent study designed to look for leaks.
Utilities gross receipts for December came in at one million, 442 thousand, 203 dollars.