Upcoming Mt. Pleasant Street Work

Written by Theresa Rose on May 3, 2019

Bergdahl Ct., West Hill Ave., & North Hayward Circle


Four Seasons Excavating will be working tomorrow Saturday May 4th on removing concrete, grading, installing subdrain and placing subbase rock on West Hill Ave. The crew is trying to make up lost time on the time lost this week because of the rain. Alliant Energy have finished with the gas main relocations on this project. The concentration is on getting all concrete removal, grading, subdrains, drainage structures and subbase rock placed.

Once weather is permitting Jones Contracting will start paving half of North Hayward Circle first. Once I have a schedule for this work I will send out an email with the schedule. Then we will move to paving half of West Hill Avenue. All driveways replaced on Bergdahl Ct. will be opened to home owners as the crews quit for the day today Friday May 3rd.


Central Business District


Mt Pleasant Utilities have opened North Main St. to traffic for the weekend from Monroe St. to Main St. today Friday May 3rd at noon. They will be closing this same section down Monday May 6th to make a tie in at the intersection of North Main St. & Madison St. Once this tie in is completed Mt Pleasant Utilities will install the new 4” water service to the movie theater. This is all contingent upon the weather.


Mike Nelson Concrete Paving Company will start removing 7’ of bricks along the face of the buildings on Monroe St. starting at Subway and working their way East to Main St. They will be installing wood walkways from the Businesses to the street for access to Businesses during the placement of the 6’ wide ADA sidewalk. Kinney & Sons Excavating & Grading will be installing Pipes to drain sump pumps from buildings to beyond the proposed 6’ sidewalk prior to placement of the new sidewalk. This work is also contingent upon weather.



Jay Street Sewer Project


Mt Pleasant Utilities have 4 water services to install in the E. Madison & N. Hamlin area starting Monday May 6th then they will be able to abandon an existing watermain on E. Madison St. enabling Drish Construction to finish the storm sewer and intake installation. The are estimating this work being done by Wednesday May 8th .

Once this is completed Drish Construction can finish grading & subbase placement. Then Jones Contracting can move in paving Jay St. first Monroe St. to Madison St. Then they will pave E. Madison St. this will be in two separate pours. Last they will be pouring the E. Madison St. & Hamlin St. intersection.

Drish Construction will be finishing backfill and grading preparing for seeding, E. Warren St., E. Clay St. and Jay St. up to Washington St. all areas disturbed during the sewer construction and street replacement.


Sanitary Sewer Rehab Point Repairs


Hagerty Earthworks have poured the patch in the 500 block of E. Webster St. today and this section of E. Webster will stay closed until Monday morning before school opens for the day. They will start the week off Monday May 6th at the intersection of E. Clay St. & Adams St. removing and replacing the manhole in the center of the intersection. Once this is completed they will move to the Harrison & Monroe St. intersection removing and replacing a manhole in the NW Corner of the intersection. On Wednesday we will be closing E. Henry St. between N. Jay St. & N. Hamlin St. to excavate a sewer service to investigate an excessive amount of water getting into the sewer. This will take Wednesday & Thursday and then the East bound lane will be opened to traffic at night. This will remain closed on the West bound lane until Friday May 10th.


Sanitary Sewer Lining


Municipal Pipe & Tool will not be lining on Monday May 6th. On Tuesday May 7th they will be lining from Clay St. to Washington St. between S. Harrison St. & S. Locust St.

On Wednesday May 8th they will be lining from N. Aldrin St. East 600’+- ½ block North of W. Vine St. On Thursday May 9th they will be lining on E. Henry St. from N. Jay St. to N. Hamlin St. Once they are done here they will move to N. Rose St. between W. Henry St. & W. Saunders St.