Trash Talkin’

Written by Theresa Rose on August 22, 2017

Henry County Supervisors were talkin’ trash again this morning.  Actually they were listening to others questions and concerns regarding the idea of closing the four outlying trash collection sites.  There is concern rural residents, who benefit from the free garbage and recycling service, don’t realize it really is free thanks to the county’s directive for use of the local option sales tax not property taxes. There was a comment that having just one site in Mt. Pleasant doesn’t fit with the county wide philosophy of service. Some people appear concerned that illegal dumping will increase if the sites are closed rather than decrease it as the supervisors believe.  People who live near the sites don’t appreciate others just leaving their garbage out side the hours of operations.  So it was suggested maybe those days and hours need adjusted.  And it was also bought up that changing the system would be a breach of contract and would the contract have to be re-bid.  Mike Prottsman spoke with the county attorney this morning who said it would not breach the contract and would not have to be re-bid.  Another question….If the contractor would be incurring less costs due to the closure of the site would he then charge the county less?  In tabling the decision on the future of the sites, the supervisors said they would consider all these concerns and continue researching the issues.  Phone calls to the supervisors and to the auditor on the issue are running pretty even between the yeses and the nos.  The board would like to increasing recycling by county residents but say the four outlying sites, each open one day a week, can’t handle an increase but the central site in Mt. Pleasant could if it was open five and a half days a week.