Transportation Taskforce Releases Survey for Lee County

Written by Theresa Rose on May 27, 2016

The Lee County Transportation Taskforce is requesting that Lee County residents participate in the new Lee County Transportation Survey. The goal of the survey is to determine transportation needs of Lee County citizens and then to develop a plan to improve services in the area. This survey is currently available online at, the Lee County Health Department website, or the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission website. The printed version of this 2-page survey is also available at public libraries within Lee County. The deadline to complete the survey is June 30.


The Lee County Transportation Taskforce was developed after transportation was an identified need from the Lee County Health Needs Assessment in 2015. The taskforce includes community partners concerned with improving health and transportation in the area. The group has been meeting to develop strategies for increasing usage and reducing barriers to accessing transportation systems.


Missy Magee, HOPES Program Manager for Lee County Health Department says that lack of reliable transportation is a major barrier to living a healthy lifestyle. “Individuals and families that don’t have consistent transportation have a hard time keeping doctor appointments, mental health appointments, dentist appointments and much more,” Magee says. “Lack of transportation can also lead to unhealthy food choices if a grocery store is not within walking distance. Improving transportation in Lee County would improve the health of many of our citizens.”


“Before we put resources into expanding transportation services, we need to determine what the specific needs are through this survey,” said Nicole Baker, Transit Director for SEIRPC. Baker says that although SEIBUS currently provides service in Keokuk and Fort Madison with a limited schedule, it is very underutilized. “We need to find out if it is an awareness issue, a scheduling issue, or a location issue. Then we can put together a better plan for improvement.”


In addition to the resident survey, other taskforce strategies include an employer/employee survey which is currently being analyzed, and ongoing promotion and education of the existing non-emergency medical transportation services available.


Additional information about the survey can be found by contacting the Lee County Health Department at 319-372-5225 or Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission at 319-753-4309. Current non-emergency transportation offerings in Lee County can be found under “Community Resource Information” at