Teen Arrested After Fleeing Accident Scene

Written by Theresa Rose on July 22, 2016

A  Mt. Pleasant teen was arrested Wednesday on several charges after he fled from the scene of an accident and was found to be in possession of marijuana. Diego Chavel-Pascual is charged with delivery or possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to stop within an assured clear distance, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, striking an unattended vehicle and failure to have a valid drivers license.  Mt. Pleasant Police were called Wednesday morning just before noon to 801 E. Monroe Street where it was reported that Chavez-Pascual’s car struck an unoccupied parked vehicle.  The owner of the vehicle, Thomas Weber went to check on Chavez-Pascual who got out of his car and ran from the scene.  He was later found by police at the public library.  A search warrant was obtained after police found illegal narcotics on Chavez-Pascual and recovered a bag he dropped.  Police seized marijuana and individual baggies that are consistent with the sale or deliver of the drug.