Supervisors Vote to Improve Waste Collection Site

Written by Theresa Rose on August 9, 2016

The Henry County Supervisors voted Tuesday morning to spend an estimated $46,000 for improvements to the county’s central waste collection site on West Washington Street in Mt. Pleasant. Prottsman Sanitation currently operates the site as well as the four satellite locations out in the county.  Owner Mike Prottsman proposed the improvements that will fix the traffic flow issues and allow for two compactors to be placed there instead of bringing in a truck every week.  But Prottsman is also looking toward the future.  He wants to encourage more recycling and more use of the collection services already offered at the central site.  Eventually, this may also mean the satellite locations would close since those sites aren’t big enough to handle all the various types of things that can be collected.  Today’s vote was only about the improvements.  But there was also discussion of those future ideas.  Lyn Whaley of WEMIGA Waste submitted a letter to the supervisors outlining his concerns with closing the outlaying collection sites.  And concerns with changes to the county’s contract with Prottsman.  Supervisor Gary See made it clear that regardless of future possibilities….right now the county is spending county money to improve county property and it doesn’t matter who provides the collection service. He also said according to the county attorney the proposed improvements to the central site don’t change the contract with Prottsman.