Supervisors Talk About Mt. Union

Written by Theresa Rose on May 23, 2017

The Henry County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday morning.  Most of the meeting was a discussion of the status of Mt. Union as the county and the state city development board continue to work thru issues resulting from un-incorporation.  The development board has asked the county sell the assets of the former city. Auditor Shelly Barber shared the sale notice for an auction to be held June 8 at 10 am.  The sale will take place at the former Mt. Union city maintenance building, 206 S. Crew Street.  This auction does not include the park, the maintenance building or the community building.  The sale of property will be handled thru a bid submitting process like the sale of any other county owned property. The county is also waiting until it has an affidavit of possession so the deed can pass from the county to a new owner. However, the Community building will not be sold by the county since the city development board is backing away from that and the county is not taking possession that property.  There is a deed of trust with Iowa State Bank on that property so it is up to the bank to determine what will be done.


The supervisors have set May 31 at 6 pm as the date and time for a community information meeting in Mt.Union.  This will be an update and clarification of what is happening so far.