Supervisors Meeting Report

Written by Theresa Rose on May 15, 2018

The Henry County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Tuesday morning.  County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss gave his weekly update on the road department.  He said 160th Street between Kentucky and Lexington is closed until further notice due to storm water damage to a box culvert.  Douds Stone resumed work on contract rock in the Wayland area and should be finished this week.  Hotchkiss also  said his department is posting for a part-time equipment one operator to help during the summer.  The deadline to apply is May 25th.

Conservation Director John Pullis gave his monthly report for the supervisors. He continues to work with French Renniker engineers on a plan to move the Water Works campground.  Possible plans include a shower house, more sites to the south of the area and either pull thru or back in campsites.  Cost estimates will be a deciding factor.  The new cabins have roofs.  Inmate help will be used to stain the exterior log siding at no cost.  Currently the construction of the two new cabins is under budget.  Pullis said is considering using inmate crews for other projects but if a supervisor from the DOC is needed it will cost $112 per hour.  Otherwise, a supervisor and lunch will have to be provided.

Junk abatement was discussed.  The county has an ordinance spelling out the definition of junk and the procedure for dealing with complaints about junk on properties out in the county.  But the ordinance isn’t always enforced.  Supervisor Mark Lindeen said we have an existing ordinance and we need to abide by it.  The process is complaint driven and begins with a notice to the property owner.  There are avenues for appeal but the property owner who doesn’t abide could end up in court facing fines.  There were several people present who want the process to be fair to everyone since not everyone has the same definition of junk.  They were also concerned that only one person is deciding who should receive notices. One individual spoke in favor of zoning rules saying we either enforce the rules or have no zoning and let everyone to whatever they want with no control.