Supervisors Business

Written by Theresa Rose on March 13, 2019

The Henry County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Tuesday morning.

The project manager for the jail and law center project attended with a project update.  The concrete work is done in the jail area but not in the booking area.  The duct work is in progress.  The roof over the booking area is finished and the electricians are hooking up some roof top units.  They are close to the point where the drop ceiling grid can go up.  There are still some issues caused by wet weather and work is still a little behind schedule due to weather challenges.  The communications tower is set to go up in April.  The monthly expenses for February totaled $621,000.  There were change orders totaling $83,552.

The board received the weekly report from the County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss.  The condition of the gravel roads was again a topic.  Melting snow and warm temps are affecting the gravels as we enter the spring thaw.  The roads are soft and rutted showing the effects of the winter weather.  County road crews are doing some rocking and getting to the worst areas but trying not to tear up the roads. Right now the soft spots are taking priority over the potholes.  Protected areas and the shoulders continue to be a problem.  Hotchkiss said the frost isn’t out of the gravel roads yet.  He’s hoping we can get thru the thaw quickly. At this time he is not considering any travel embargoes.  Hotchkiss also talked about ice jams on the Skunk River causing some flooding problems.  Perkins road was closed Monday and into Tuesday where the Skunk River backed up.