Supervisors Approve Budget

Written by Theresa Rose on February 22, 2017

The Henry County Board of Supervisors gave their stamp of approval to the fiscal year 2018 budget.  The budget reflects a 4 and a half percent increase for county elected officials.  That increase is then passed on to the employees in each of the elected officials departments.  The exception to that increase is the supervisors wage.  That will only increase by 1 percent.  The supervisors will each receive $33,936.  The Auditor, Recorder and Treasurer will receive $59,666 each.  The sheriff’s salary will be $80,363 and the County attorney’s will be $95,386.

The levy rate will increase slightly due to the addition of about 25 cents county mental health services.  That rate was zero last budget year.  General basic remains at a levy rate of 4.25, debt service is 28 cents.  After adding general supplemental the levy rate per one thousand dollar taxable valuation is 7.048 for the urban areas, up from $6.80.  Rural services basic adds 3.95 for those in the rural areas bringing their levy rate to $10.99. Last year it was $10.75.

In other business, the supervisors agreed to support the Winfield application for a community and tourism grant.  The state requires county participation for a CAT grant application.  The county will show support with a $5,000 donation.  The city is applying for the grant to help pay for a new public pool.