Student Walk Out At WACO

Written by Theresa Rose on May 2, 2018

This morning a group of students gathered outside their high school in a fifteen minute Walk Out to take a stand for their Second Amendment rights. The group had not planned the Walk Out ahead of time, “It was quite spontaneous,” stated one student. “That’s why there aren’t more of us!”

A few of those who joined this morning’s Walk Out are also on the WACO Trap (clay shooting) Team. Just last evening they participated in a Trap Meet near West Point, Iowa, where they were involved in a competitive sport that allows them to use their Constitutional right to bear arms in a positive and constructive manner. Members of both this morning’s Walk Out and the Trap Team are: Beau Beckler, Dakota Lemon, Jason Sammons and Elizabeth Birchfield.

One member of the Trap Team, Beau Beckler, shown in the Walk Out photo wearing the straw hat, conscientiously kept the students on schedule by frequently announcing, “Only 5 minutes left guys”, reminding them of the Walk-Out for Second Amendment time constraints. Quite a few of the students are 18, or will be soon, and stated that they will definitely be voting in future elections, with their decisions based, in part, on issues such as their rights to own and use guns.