Street Work Time Table, High School Turning Lane

Written by Theresa Rose on August 9, 2019

Things are getting a little tense in Mt. Pleasant’s business district.  Crews continue to work on the streets but time is getting tight as Old Threshers gets closer.  The City Council Street committee met Friday morning and is hopeful the area involving, Main, Monroe and Madison Streets will be paved by August 26.  City administrator Brent Schleisman emphasized that it’s critical to the community because of the expected Reunion visitors coming to the central business district and for shuttle bus operation. He urged Jim Warner of Warner Engineering to communicate that to the concrete contractor saying there is no choice and there’s no reason it can’t be done by August 26. Warner did say that unexpected sewer repairs in the area caused delays but the objective with street projects is always to repair and/or replace any other infrastructure under the street before repaving.  Due to work on Jefferson Street from Washington to Clay the Harvest Parade on August 28 will be one block shorter this year…turning south off of Washington onto Main instead of onto Jefferson.  In talking with Old Threshers administrator Terry McWilliams he’s not worried yet about the downtown shuttle bus stop but said he isn’t sure what he would do if that had to be moved.

The street committee didn’t see any issues with allowing the school district to widen out the turn into the high school drive.  The district will pay for the work but needed city permission in order to expand the drive into the city right of way.  The goal is to create a lane to handle turning traffic more efficiently and not hold up vehicles going straight. School Supt John Henriksen will have more details to share on his Monday afternoon show on KILJ.