Street Committee Meets

Written by Theresa Rose on April 8, 2015

The Mt. Pleasant City council street committee met this morning (Wed). The committee will recommend the council approve a request from Your Dream Homes Furniture and Floors to block off the north portion of the alley behind that business for an outdoor sale May 1 from 10 am to 6 pm.

The committee discussed parking or rather no parking on some streets…the PressBox owner has asked that there be no parking posted on the frontage road in front of his business on West Washington Street. The committee was ok with that. The committee also agreed to limit parking to the north side of Clay Street between Jackson and White streets.

The Street committee was asked to review a request to eliminate a parking space at the intersection of West Clay and Jefferson. Drivers have complained that visibility is limited when a vehicle is parked in the space so close to the intersection. It was brought up that the same situation occurs at the intersection of Main and West Clay. The committee asked Police Chief Ron Archer to look at both places and make a recommendation.

As expected, the condition of the local streets was the major topic of discussion. The city expects to receive about $150,000 in revenues thanks to the gas tax increase. The committee discussed how this unplanned money should be spent. There are several streets that need resurfacing. It was decided to begin with Broad and three blocks of Van Buren that need an asphalt overlay. According to City Adm Brent Schleisman these areas are in bad shape and see high traffic use. The committee will prioritize the rest of the streets in need of re-surfacing.
Several of the city’s chip and seal streets are not holding up. Whether or not the area has good drainage seems to have an affect. Schleisman doesn’t really want to spend money on a chip and seal surface going forward but the residents don’t want their streets to go back to gravel, either. Putting in new storm sewer and using concrete is about the only real fix. However, the price tag for Langdon, McKinley and Harrison could run over half a million dollars. Money could be generated by the one percent sales tax….the sales tax that has provided money for streets and other capital projects over the last 20 years…and that’s up for renewal on a May 5 ballot. If the renewal doesn’t pass the city would have to look at raising property taxes and/or special assessments in order to repair Mt. Pleasant’s side streets.

President of Henry County Habitat for Humanity Lisa Diener attended the street committee meeting Wednesday morning. She came with a request to block off the 100 block of North White for the June Alive After Five event that will be hosted by Habitat for Humanity. She said they hope to put up a tent in that block along side the most recent Habitat House at 311 West Monroe. Tours of the home will be available during Alive After Five. Habitat hopes to show area businesses what the organization is all about, how the community can become more involved and what a typical HCHH house looks like. The Street committee will recommend to the full council approval of the request.