State Fair Straw Poll Results

Written by Anna Greiner on August 21, 2015

We’ve got more results from the Secretary of State’s State Fair Straw Poll. For Democratic presidential candidates, the numbers have changed little. Hillary Clinton still leads at 49%, Bernie Sanders is second with 45% and Martin O’Malley is at 5%. For Republican candidates, Donald Trump is still on top at 28%. Ben Carson still holds 20% and in third, Ted Cruz at 8% though Carly Fiorina is close behind with less than ¼% between them. A fun question yesterday: who was the voters favorite famous Iowan. Of the ten choices, John Wayne was first with almost 32%. Johnny Carson was next with 11 ½% and golfer Zach Johnson close behind with 11.38%. There are apparently not many Bachelor fans with Chris Soules only garnering .66%.