State Dual Regionals: LIVE

Written by Nathan Bloechl on February 12, 2020

By: Nathan Bloechl — 

Starting in 1A, #12 New London was defeated by #6 Denver, 42-27, in the finals of a 1A Regional Dual.

Denver advances to next week’s state dual tournament at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

Here’s the weight-by-weight breakdown of the championship match:

170: Brennen Graber (DENV) over Currey Jacobs (NLHS) (Dec 8-4)

182: Gavin Holmes (NLHS) over Nathan Eggena (DENV) (Dec 13-6)

195: Trever Dorn (DENV) over Cameron Raines (NLHS) (Fall 1:30)

220: Jaxon Allen (NLHS) over Cade Bonnette (DENV) (Fall 0:31)

285: Owen Reed (NLHS) over Henry Wiebbecke (DENV) (Fall 1:09)

106: Rhett Bonnette (DENV) over (NLHS) (For.)

113: Marcel Lopez (NLHS) over Joe Ebaugh (DENV) (Dec 7-0)

120: Chase Lyons (DENV) over Josh Glendening (NLHS) (Fall 2:31)

126: Jacob Moore (DENV) over (NLHS) (For.)

132: Josh Terrill (DENV) over (NLHS) (For.)

138: Isaac Schimmels (DENV) over (NLHS) (For.)

145: Dominic Lopez (NLHS) over Brody Shover (DENV) (Fall 3:35)

152: Boden Pickle (NLHS) over Alex Krabbenhoft (DENV) (Dec 8-5)

160: John Ebaugh (DENV) over Gabe Carter (NLHS) (SV-1 3-1)

They did, however, make quick work of Colfax-Mingo winning 54-21.

Here’s how things played out for New London in their first match of the night:

160: Gabe Carter (NLHS) over Tim Carroll (COMI) (Fall 0:40)

170: Trystin Ross (COMI) over Currey Jacobs (NLHS) (SV-1 6-4)

182: Gavin Holmes (NLHS) over (COMI) (For.)

195: Cameron Raines (NLHS) over Will Thornton (COMI) (Fall 0:07)

220: Jaxon Allen (NLHS) over Kenneth Craig (COMI) (Fall 0:58)

285: Owen Reed (NLHS) over Jakob Chapman (COMI) (Fall 3:10)

106: Judith Goetz (COMI) over (NLHS) (For.)

113: 120: Marcel Lopez (NLHS) over (COMI) (For.)

126: Josh Glendening (NLHS) over Mariah Webster (COMI) (Fall 2:17)

132: Hunter Green (COMI) over (NLHS) (For.)

138: Dominic Lopez (NLHS) over Tevin Wamsher (COMI) (Fall 1:56)

145: Cyden Fitch (COMI) over Alyas Kreiger (NLHS) (Fall 0:52)

152: Boden Pickle (NLHS) over Hunter Stevens (COMI) (Fall 0:17)

Meanwhile in 2A, Mount Pleasant was beaten 76-0 by #3 Williamsburg.

Here’s the weight-by-weight rundown:

120: Kayden Gryp (WILL) over Carson Coleman (MOPL) (Dec 9-4)

126: Chase Malloy (WILL) over (MOPL) (For.)

132: William Van Dee (WILL) over (MOPL) (For.)

138: Jalen Schropp (WILL) over Tyler Raub (MOPL) (Fall 0:48)

145: Kam Royster (WILL) over Gannon McNamee (MOPL) (Fall 1:29)

152: Gable Dayton (WILL) over Chayse Irving (MOPL) (Fall 1:50)

160: Riley Holt (WILL) over (MOPL) (For.)

170: Nick Marovets (WILL) over Jaden Davis (MOPL) (MD 11-3)

182: Max Meade (WILL) over Dylan Cowick (MOPL) (Fall 4:00)

195: Tyler Portwood (WILL) over Isaac Jerrel (MOPL) (Fall 0:42)

220: Billy Grout (WILL) over Samuel Carrasco (MOPL) (Fall 3:30)

285: Cole Cremeens (WILL) over (MOPL) (For.)

106: Tytan Guerrero (WILL) over (MOPL) (For.)

113: Gavin Jensen (WILL) over Bowen Davis (MOPL) (Dec 7-2)