Staff Assault: Iowa Medical Classification Center

Written by Theresa Rose on May 23, 2018

(CORALVILLE) – A staff member was assaulted by an inmate at the Iowa Medical Classification Center in Coralville, IA at approximately 6:15 p.m. Tuesday night.

The staff member, a correctional officer, was giving verbal directives to an inmate, and the inmate refused to comply. As the officer approached the inmate, the inmate began to run towards the officer while swinging closed fists. When the two came into direct contact with each other, they began to struggle on the ground where the inmate landed several closed-fist strikes to the top of the officer’s head. With the assistance of additional staff as well as another inmate that came to the officer’s assistance, the situation was brought under control.

After being assessed by facility medical staff, the officer went to the local hospital as a precaution, and was found to have no significant injuries due to the incident.

This incident remains under investigation.