Sondheim Summer Camp Musical

Written by Theresa Rose on July 1, 2016

Summer Camp at the Sondheim is underway at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, featuring 39 campers. The week long camp concludes on Saturday, July 2 with a free public performance of the musical, “On the Other Side of the Fence,” at 2 p.m. This rollicking, high-spirited barnyard musical centers around themes of accepting differences, conflict resolution and overcoming bullying.
The camp, daily from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., provides opportunities for students, ranging in age from 10 to 14 years, to stage a musical, learn choreography, to become better public speakers, gain confidence and make great friends, all in an exciting, fun environment.

The Summer Camp at the Sondheim is directed by Kadie Dennison along with Musical Director Torrie Hollingsworth, both Fairfield Arts & Convention Center employees with theater degrees and extensive performing backgrounds.
The 2016 Summer at the Sondheim cast list includes People (humans), Stylettes (pigs), Meows (cats), Bears, Owls, Wingers (birds), Ruffs (dogs), Woolies (sheep) and Stinkers (skunks).
Cast member of the People group are: Kallie Denz, Farmer Fran; Delmira Jara, Storyteller; Sage Jarmosco, Salt; Jewelianna Murphey, Pepper; Richard Nissen, Farmer Franklin; Olivia Sandbothe, Rosey Fey and Alma White, Daisy May.  
Cast members of the Stylettes include: Kiya Christopher, Sizzle; Secret Davis, Ham; Jaiden Jarmosco, Slab; Alyson Reid, Bacon; Drishikaa Thimmaiah, Juicy and Ashlyn Worley, Slick.
Cast members of the Meows include: Makenna Arbogast, Purr; Izzy Ferrell, Scratch; Aspen Heckethorn, Shadow; and Taylor McCreedy, Slink.
Cast members of the Bears include Giteeka Adhikari, Cheese and Tristen Davis, Crackers.
Cast members of the Owls include Erin Epperson, Hoot and Alison Megrath, Scoot.
Cast members of the Wingers include: Nellie Chambers, Tweet; Lucianna Miller, Gobble; Elan Jenkins, Goose and Kensi Watts, Quacker.
Cast members of the Ruffs include: Skye Krause, Barker; Reid Luck, Rudy; Craig Miller, Hairy and Luke Porter, Sniff.
Cast members of Woolies include: Qi Branzei, Curls; Kate Jarmosco, Baaby; Brenna Chambers, Maady and Hypatia Wagener, Fluff.
Cast members of Stinkers include: Elizabeth Hootman, Spray; Lynnae Huston, Stinky; Kayla Schubick, Stripes; Viola Welsh, Spunk and Wyatt Whitham, Tattle Tail (Weasel).
“On the Other Side of the Fence,” written by Andrea Green, is a story about two farms divided by a big, strong fence. The fence was put up because of a long standing feud between Farmer Franklin and Farmer Fred. Because of their differences, they have forbidden the animals on their individual farms to communicate with the animals on the other side. One day, two pigs from opposing farms find friendship. The farmers warn them that this is unacceptable but the pigs and many of the animals question why this has to be. The animals look to each other for answers.
Finally, out of desperation, the pigs decide to escape together. The animals prevail upon the farmers to end their feud and make peace with one another. A vote is taken and unanimously the decision is made to “take the fence away.” The farmers begin to see each other in a new light, the animals are jubilant, the pigs return and acceptance, friendship and understanding lead to a peaceful co-existence.
“Camp has been a wonderful experience to see these campers grow in confidence, expressions and overall ability to perform,” said Dennison. “There is nothing like live performance theater and I can’t wait to see these kids continue to hone their skills for our big performance on Saturday. You should come and see tomorrow’s stars on your Sondheim stage.”
Summer Camp at the Sondheim is sponsored by Jefferson County Farm Bureau, Fairfield HyVee and Everybody’s Whole Foods.
“The musical ‘On the Other Side of the Fence’ is a representation of the diverse world we live in and the challenges we face getting along with others who appear different than we are,” said Andrea Green. “The farm setting presents an environment where there is a need for communication, working together and coming together with understanding as a community like Fairfield. I am hoping that through their experience in this musical at the Sondheim, children will feel more accepting of themselves and others and that the ‘fences’ of misunderstanding and fear will come down.”
For more information on Summer at the Sondheim, contact Rustin Lippincott, Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, 641-472-2000 or visit