Written by Theresa Rose on January 26, 2017

At the SEIRPC (Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission) Full Board Meeting to be held on Thursday, January 26th, the Leland McCosh Award will be presented to Leroy Lipper, past mayor of Danville, Iowa. The Leland McCosh Award is presented each year in memory of Leland McCosh in recognition of outstanding public service provided by the recipients to citizens of his/her community, county, and the greater area of Southeast Iowa.
Leroy Lippert:
Bob Hesler nominated Leroy Lippert for the 32nd Annual Leland McCosh Award. Leroy has served for 27 years as Mayor of Danville. He also served as treasurer of Waste Management for 27 years. He is currently a member of First Baptist Church in Danville, and over the 57 years has held many offices in the church and was President of the American Baptist Men. He is a retired School teacher after 40 years of teaching. Other accomplishments include: Past President of the Des Moines County Farm Bureau, Past President of Retired Teachers; board member of Danville Enhancement and Danville Venture Villa; 30 years on Des Moines County Emergency Management board; long-time member of Danville Lions Club having received the Melvin Jones award twice for being an outstanding volunteer; and has worked on the blood drive in Danville for 42 years.
Then, at the SEIRPC (Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission) Full Board Meeting to be held on Thursday, January 26th, the LeRoy Meyer Award will be awarded to Stan Meyer. The LeRoy Meyer Award is presented each year in memory of LeRoy Meyer in recognition of non-elected individuals who have made outstanding volunteer, community development contributions within his/her community in the Southeast Iowa Region.
Stan Meyer:
Bradley Roth, Mayor of the City of Wayland, nominated Stan Meyer for the 16th Annual LeRoy Meyer Memorial Award. Stan Meyer is an active citizen in the Wayland community. He was a long-time member of the Wayland Lions Club, and was a member of the Wayland Centennial Committee and was involved in numerous community projects, such as the installation of park equipment, and playing Santa at the Parkview Care Center. In addition, Stan developed Subdivisions, building duplexes to help alleviate the housing shortage in Wayland; he helps with the blood drives; 4th of July Breakfast, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Mr. Meyer also served as Wayland City Clerk from 1969 – 1972, and owned and operated Wayland Feed Service for many years, and then enjoyed being a self-employed life insurance agent. He and his wife, Kathy, are members of the Wayland Mennonite Church.