School Board Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on November 14, 2017

The Mt. Pleasant School Board decided to move forward with interviews for a project manager for the phase two of the elementary air conditioning project.  The board received five proposals and want to consider the possibility of hiring a company to oversee the project that involves work at four buildings all at the same time.  Plus, the project has a tight deadlines. The proposals will be forwarded to the board’s site committee for a recommendation on who to interview.

After hearing a presentation from Athletic Director Scot Lamm, the school board plans to hold a public meeting on whether or not to allow Danville football players to play with Mt. Pleasant. Danville has requested a sharing agreement for grades 7 thru 12 football only.  The arrangement would not bump Mt. Pleasant into a different class.  There are some logistics to consider as well as team chemistry.  The board set the public meeting tentatively for November 27 prior to a work session.

Enrollment numbers were discussed.  Mt. Pleasant is looking at a reduction of almost 40 students.  Given the district receives about $6,800 per student from the state that equals to a loss of about $272,000.  The district has undergone some budget reductions already and the board is considering offering a retirement incentive package for next year.