Results from Saturday’s Livestock Showdown at the Lee County Fair Grounds

Written by Theresa Rose on August 8, 2016

Avery Meader Champion Breeding Doe

Spencer Arnold Reserve Champion Breeding Doe and Champion Goat Showmanship

Kabe Boysen Champion Market Goat

Jayce Malone Reserve Champion Market Goat

Payton Lock Champion Breeding Ewe

Addison Sprouse Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe

Payton Lock Champion Market Lamb

Hayley Anderson Reserve Champion market Lamb and Champion Sheep Showmanship

Josh Darbyshire Champion  Breeding Heifer

Remy Wellman Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer

Wyatt Walden Champion Market Steer

Taylor Brinning Reserve Champion Market Steer

Nicholas McCleary Champion Breeding Gilt

Tyler Hartman Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt

Larame Boysen Champion Market Swine and Champion Swine Showmanship

Cameron Nabors Reserve Champion Market Swine