Public Input on County Comprehensive Plan

Written by Theresa Rose on December 6, 2017

Henry County Director of Planning Joe Buffington hosted a public input meeting Tuesday night.  The topic…the Henry County Comprehensive Plan.  The plan was originally created in 2007 with a scheduled update for 2017.  The County Planning and Zoning Commission did not have any recommendations for changes but asked Buffington to take it to the public.  The purpose of the public meeting was to find out what rural residents liked or didn’t like about the plan.  And to find out if anyone thinks there should be changes. There were 8 people present.  No one was unhappy with the plan or any part of it. There were suggestions for updating data related to poverty levels, income and population which will be done following the 2020 census. Residential building in the rural areas was discussed.  One resident felt the plan should reflect an effort to attract building in rural areas. It was also noted that the work done 10 years ago had proved to be a good predictor of where the county is today.