Written by Theresa Rose on May 22, 2018

Fairfield, IA – Pilot Grove Savings Bank donated $25,000 to the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.  Pilot Grove Savings Bank is getting ready to celebrate its fourth anniversary in Fairfield, and the board of directors for the bank approved of this donation as a way of saying thanks to the community in which they do business.

Pilot Grove Savings Bank is proud to be a supporter of Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.  They have been known to sponsor the yearly artist series and Southeast Iowa Farm Show.

“We are thrilled to have Pilot Grove Savings Bank participate in our 5 for the Future campaign,” comments Fairfield’s Mayor, Ed Malloy. “Strong community support is the basis for the success of our arts and convention center and local economy.  Outstanding cultural amenities like our arts and convention center make Fairfield stand out as a cool place to live and to visit.”

Pilot Grove Savings Bank is known as a leading financial institution in Southeast Iowa, and the bank wanted to ensure that the community in which they do business continues to be culturally vibrant.  They made this donation to set up the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center with a portion of the monies needed to meet their goal.  “Pilot Grove Savings Bank is pleased to make this donation to a worthy organization.  We encourage others in the community to follow suit and donate if they have not done so already,” says Melissa Flowers, Marketing Director of Pilot Grove Savings Bank.