Written by Theresa Rose on August 6, 2015

FORT MADISON – The DNR reports that the Title V air quality permit for Climax Molybdenum in Fort Madison is on hold until additional information that was previously omitted is provided by the company.

The DNR drafted the permit based on the company’s Title V permit application. However on July 10, Climax Molybdenum notified DNR several pieces of equipment had been inadvertently omitted from the company’s renewal application. Climax Molybdenum is revising its Title V application forms to include the omitted equipment.

“It is not unusual,” says Lori Hanson, supervisor of DNR’s Title V permitting. “Large companies with complex operations can find older or smaller pieces of equipment when reviewing a final draft of their permit.”

When DNR receives the revised application, staff will evaluate the information to determine if any compliance action is justified and revise the draft Title V permit to include the changes. The public will have 30 days to comment on the revised draft and may submit oral comments at a second public hearing to be held in Fort Madison.

The DNR will combine its response to previously received comments and the expected additional comments on the revised draft before issuing the final permit.

Climax Molybdenum is subject to Title V provisions of the federal Clean Air Act because of the potential for sulfur dioxide emissions, most of which are associated with roasting molybdenum.

The company processes molybdenum. The manufactured products are added to steel and cast iron, and also used in catalysts, lubricants and additives.