Written by Theresa Rose on January 20, 2015

Today, the Iowa Voter Registration Commission adopted a rule that will allow eligible voters who possess a valid driver’s license or state ID to apply for their voter registration on-line. This system is scheduled to be in place by early 2016.

“Voter participation starts with increased access to voter registration. This rule is the first step in making it easier for more Iowans to participate in the election and voter registration system,” said Secretary of State Pate.

On-line voter registration will be available to eligible voters with a valid Iowa driver’s license or a state issued ID. This represents 93% of the state’s eligible voters. The goal is to continue to work on ways to expand this opportunity in the future so that on-line registration will eventually be available to all eligible voters, including those without driver’s licenses.

Secretary Pate said, “This is a significant step. We had a productive meeting with the DOT and are confident we can be up and going before the 2016 election. We’ll continue to work further on the issue to expand voter registration to other groups for on-line access.”

The voter registration application will be hosted on both the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Iowa Secretary of State website.